Drug Discovery

Traditional Drug Discovery is a time consuming and resource intensive process that can take up to 10-15 years and investment as much as $2.6 billion for a new drug to enter the market. On the other hand, patients who are afflicted with orphan and neglected diseases are more prone to morbidity given the meagre amount of treatment options available.

Due to the high costs associated with new drug development and low expected revenues in these particular cases, pharma companies cannot afford a giant investment in these therapeutic areas. Taken together these facts, there is a pressing need to make drug development trajectory speed up at low-cost while not compromising on quality.

Given the emergence of Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in the past decade and its immense potential, Centella Discovery is developing advanced AI/ML tools for identifying novel therapeutics in the domains of Oncology, Infectious diseases, Metabolic disorders and Orphan diseases. The company accelerates therapy development by designing small molecules, therapeutic switching of drugs, analysing big data, identification of novel targets, database development.


Centella Discovery offers customized solutions in the following domains of Bio/chemiinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry and Statistical Analysis.