Dr.Poornachandra Yedla

Head‐ Molecular Biology & Co-Founder


Dr. Poornachandra Rao received his M.Sc (2010) in Biotechnology from the University college of science, Osmania University, India. He completed his Ph.D. in Biological Sciences in 2016 from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad, India. He joined as scientist at RABS Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad and later he moved to CSIR-IICT for a postdoctoral position (2018-2021). During his doctoral studies, he worked significantly in the field nanobiotechnology and cancer biology and explored it for cancer and infectious diseases and signalling mechanisms involved in cell death. His expertise includes drug repurposing and development of new chemical agents for kinase inhibitors BCR-ABL, b-Raf, CSF1R etc. His research interest is the application of computational biology tools for understanding disease mechanisms, identification of biomarkers and drug targets and, apply it to human health and biotechnology. His technical expertise includes molecular biology, cancer biology, cellular and computational biology, bioinformatics, structure-based drug discovery and biotechnology. Dr. Poornachandra authored more than 80 international publications, 2 patents and 3 book chapters.

Top Publications